Get the Perfect LuLaRoe Shorts for your Shape!

Get the Perfect LuLaRoe Shorts for your Shape!


In recent times, women's LuLaRoe Shorts have grown increasingly popular and offer women another fashion wear for summer. Being light-weight and airy, shorts make sure they breathe rather effectively and are ideal for both physical activity & regular use.

Wondering how women can flaunt their slender legs? Irrespective of the age factor, LuLaRoe quality shorts are available for women in several colors, sizes, lengths, and designs. What is important here is to know how to choose the right one for you so that you can wear them with confidence.

Together with the jeans and skirts, LuLaRoe Shorts are making a personal statement. They can be worn during regular outings as well, such as going to the beach or any outdoor activities, staying indoors, and also can be used in casual parties or events. Shorts are your best friend if you want to elongate your legs and look stylish too.

Tips to find the right LuLaRoe Shorts:

Believe it or not, LuLaRoe Shorts are available in many different cuts, lengths, and styles. It is usually hard to make the right choice when considering shorts for women. These days, women prefer to get shorter lengths, however, if you are conscious about showing off too much skin, there is nothing to worry about. We have here compiled a few points to help women in choosing the right shorts as per their body shape. 


Even if you are curvy, it does not mean you will avoid wearing shorts. To hide heavy thighs and to show off your legs in the best manner, opt for a pair of printed LuLaRoe Shorts. Such a pair will tend to appear just above knee level, which will make your legs look slimmer and longer too.

Some of our most common short styles loved by our curvy customers are our Jamie shorts, biker shorts, bermuda shorts & boyfriend denim shorts.  These have longer inseams and extra comfortable waistbands.

Long legs

If you have long legs and you want to make them appear more in proportion with your upper body part, try to make your look slightly curvier. This can be achieved if you choose to wear bright-colored shorts. To enhance your look, pair them with flat shoes or flip-flops.

Some of our brighter color palettes can be found in the following short styles: biker shorts, Jamie shorts & Jessica shorts.


Women who belong to this category of body shape, do not need to worry about which shorts to choose. Because they can look more beautiful by following some simple tips. The most important tip for Petites is to get shorts that are in proportion. 

Avoid wearing long clothes that swamp your figure. Instead, enhance your body with fitted shapes and well-cut clothes. Investing in a pair of shorts will make these women appear slimmer and longer. Further, wear them with skyscraper high heels that will make your legs get model-length in no time.

Some of our most popular short styles for petite women are Jessica shorts, biker shorts & Ella shorts.

Big hips

Many styles are perfect to balance out your hips and make them vanish completely. For this body type, flattering shapes are A-line shorts that will help draw attention away from imbalanced curves. Also, if you want to hide your tummy as well, do not pair your shorts with a skin-tight top that clings to your mid-section. Rather, try loose tops and focus on other areas of your body. It is good to choose shorts that feature contrast panel work in a bright color.

Some of our most popular short styles for curvier women are Jamie shorts, Boyfriend shorts & Ella shorts.

Apple shape

Women that come under this category have a heavy breast line and bigger waistline as well. Wearing shorts or short dresses also gives them a good appearance, however, they generally prefer knee-length shorts. Go with the high-waist with the top of the shorts sitting on the waist, giving the illusion of a slim and streamlined appearance. Some of our most popular short styles for apple shaped women are Ella shorts, biker shorts & bermuda shorts.

And, there you have all the tips. The most important thing is to make a selection according to your body type. Once you will determine your body type, it will become pretty simple to choose the perfect LuLaRoe Shorts for summer. Visit Flamingo Boutique By Dani to find a great range of women’s LuLaRoe Shorts.

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