LuLaRoe Layla Top - Women's Mandarin Collar Shirt

LuLaRoe Layla Top - Women's Mandarin Collar Shirt


Have you been to casual gatherings and events?  Does your mind bump into a realization that you have limited choices of what clothes to wear?

Well, then you’ve just found your way to our blog where we show you the everyday smart casual charm and comfortable top that you can wear effortlessly.

Meet Layla!  The Layla is a Mandarin split collar top with flutter sleeves and a relaxed fit. So exciting, right?!
We’re going to talk about all the things Layla has to offer right here in this article: size chart/sizing & fit, fabric, price & styling tips! 

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LuLaRoe Layla Top - Women's Mandarin Collar Shirt Details 

Flutter Sleeve just enough length for a more comfortable feeling in any occasion! Plus the perfect amount of sass!

Mandarin Split Collar sounds traditional right? But this adds spice to this top for a more stylish look with it’s soft small v neckline . 

Relaxed Fit speaking of being comfortable, it’s not going to hug you too much!

Fabric  Rayon Slub Jersey 95/5 Rayon/Spandex & TRS Jersey 49/45/6 Rayon/Polyester/Spandex fabric

Want to know how this fabric looks and feels? Join us in our boutique group!

What is a mandarin collar shirt?

The Mandarin collar is an unfolded, stand up collar that rises a few centimeters up from the neckline. The edges of the collar either barely meet at the center front or overlap slightly.

LuLaRoe Layla Sizing & Size Chart

As far as sizing goes, the size chart is accurate. I feel it has even more flexibility.

The Layla can be worn perfectly true to size or 1 size up from the size chart for a more loose fit! You will surely love the solid colors and the prints.

Check out the LuLaRoe Layla Mandarin collar shirt size chart below!


If you are ever afraid to try a new LuLaRoe style due to the fear of it not fitting, rest assured that I’ve totally got your back!

My number one priority is that my customers are more than satisfied with their purchase. I make returns & exchanges simple!

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Are women's mandarin collar shirts formal?

The Mandarin Collar Shirts come in a variety of fabrics; and these fabrics are the key to figuring out how they can be worn.  

For example, pairing it with our new shorts like Jamie, Ella or denim  can give you a more casual look while pairing it with skirts like Cassie gives you a formal vibe.
What are you waiting for? It’s time to give it a shot!

Mandarin collar top for ladies styling tips

For a casual look, you can always pair it with any shorts that you like. Need to go more formal? A skirt or dress pants is your go to!

Lastly, Never underestimate the magic of hair, shoes, and accessories

There are lots of different styles available to wear with your Layla! Check out the images below for inspiration.

Layla is best paired with Boyfriend Denim,  Jamie , Ella and Cassie.

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How to shop for the LuLaRoe Layla Top

LuLaRoe is sold by individual retailers like myself. Each one of us is happy to find you exactly what you are looking for.

We don’t get to pick the prints we receive, only the styles, which means we all carry unique items.

If you’re looking to get some help with LuLaRoe Layla women’s mandarin top, I am more than happy to help!

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