LuLaRoe Nora Boat Neck Top (Womens)

LuLaRoe Nora Boat Neck Top (Womens)


Do you have beautiful shoulders and collarbones?   

Too shy to wear off the shoulder tops because you don’t like showing much skin? There is a solution to that!  How about wearing a toned-down version, namely the boat neck top which LuLa has now! 

For a top so wonderfully simple, she makes you feel amazingly confident. You want to take on the day! You want to conquer your fears! And there’s never been a better time than now. Introducing Nora!

The Nora is a boat neck top with drop shoulders, relaxed long sleeves with a cuff, a high-low hemline, a boat neckline, and a tunic length.
We’re going to talk about all the things Nora has in this article: size chart/sizing & fit, fabric, price & styling tips!

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LuLaRoe Nora Womens Boat Neck Top Details

Boat neckline show off a little bit of skin while keeping the neckline professional at the same time!
Drop Shoulder this feature allows extra comfort at the shoulder, allowing the top to fit loosely & comfortably on your arm.

Relaxed long sleeve with cuff we are getting the same vibes with Hannah with their long sleeve with cuff! Cuffs are SUPER on trend right now!

High low hemline & Tunic length gives you great coverage for your bum especially when perfectly matching it with jeans or leggings. High low refers to one hemline being higher than the other (in this case the front is higher than the back). 

Fabric Brushed Rib 82/14/4 Poly/Rayon/Span, Brushed Hacci 95/5 Poly/Span 180GSM, & Brushed Rib 62/33/5 Poly/Rayon/Span fabric.

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LuLaRoe Nora Size Chart & Sizing Guidance

As far as sizing goes, the size chart is accurate! Most women are saying true to size or down 1 is good!

You will surely love the wonderful simplicity yet makes you amazingly confident brought to you by Nora top!

Check out the LuLaRoe Nora boat Neck top size chart below!

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What is a boat neck top?

It is a straight neckline that stretches across the collarbone to each shoulder. 

This neckline is also called a bateau - the French word for boat. The name refers to what is thought to be the origin of the bateau neck — the striped French sailor shirt.

How to wear a boat neck top  

This wider neckline passes just below the collarbone, drawing the eye out to your shoulders. 

It is indeed something much easier to pull off while it still allows you to be low-key sexy. Boat necks are best for these body types: Small to medium bust or pear shapes.

Then just add accessories such as a necklace and earrings to complete the look!

There are lots of different styles available to wear with your Nora! Check out the images below for inspiration.

Nora is best paired with Jennifer, Cassie, & leggings.

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LuLaRoe Nora boat Neck top styling tips

How to Shop for the LuLaRoe Nora Long Sleeve Boat Neck Top

LuLaRoe is sold by individual retailers like myself. Each one of us is happy to find you exactly what you are looking for.

We don’t get to pick the prints we receive, only the styles, which means we all carry unique items.

If you’re looking to get some help with LuLaRoe Nora Boat Neck Top, I am more than happy to help!

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