LuLaRoe Peyton Open Front Cardigan Sweater

LuLaRoe Peyton Open Front Cardigan Sweater


I love open cardigans! Why do I love them so much? They all are incredibly practical and comfortable, which makes them a “must-have” for every modern woman.

Feel that nip in the air? With the NEW Peyton knitted cardigan, you’re signing up for guaranteed comfort + warmth! This fall, stay comfy with Peyton. We’re going to talk about all the things Peyton has to offer right here in this article: size chart/sizing & fit, fabric, price & styling tips! 

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LuLaRoe Peyton Open Front Cardigan Jacket Details

LuLaRoe Peyton Open Front Cardigan Jacket

Knitted Neck Band that extends to front opening this adds a super cute flare to the neckline.

Patch pockets with knitted opening soooo pockets right? This is going to be in my closet! If you’re familiar with Lucille, the pockets are similar - nice and big!  

Knitted Cuff these are my fave! The cuff keeps the sweater in place and also makes it super easy to pull up your sleeves!

Knitted Bottom Hem yesss, this feature covers you on all sides, especially your bum!

Open Hem Cardigan for an easy to throw on option that you can throw on any time!

Fabric Faux Mohair 50/26/24 Acrylic/Nylon/PBT & a NEW Vegan Alpaca Knit 5GG 100% Polyester fabric.  

Want to know how this fabric looks and feels? Join us in our boutique group!

LuLaRoe Peyton Size Chart - Petite to plus size womens open front cardigan

Check out the LuLaRoe Peyton sweater size chart below! 

LuLaRoe Peyton Open Front Jacket

LuLaRoe Peyton Open Front Cardigan Size Chart

LuLaRoe Peyton Open Front Jacket

As far as sizing goes, the size chart is accurate! Most women are raving about how true to size it is. The Peyton can be worn perfectly true to size or 1 size up from the size chart for a chunky look if you want to roll up the cuff (totally doable)! You will surely love both the solid colors and prints.

If you are ever afraid to try a new LuLaRoe style due to the fear of it not fitting, rest assured that I’ve totally got your back!

My number one priority is that my customers are more than satisfied with their purchase. I make returns & exchanges simple! If you’re looking to get some help with the LuLaRoe Peyton Open Front Cardigan sweater, I am more than happy to help!

What are open front sweaters called?

They are ideal for warming you up during chilly summer nights and the good thing is also in the sunny spring season months which means more season to wear it!

Lastly, these sweater essentials can complement any look, which makes it easy to combine it with trendy apparel, as well as with basic stuff. You can never go wrong with putting some accessories to complete the look!

How do you style an open front cardigan sweater?

In this street style guide, we see open-front cardigans that make any outfit look light and airy. Yes, they might not look as functional, as classic ones, but you can always add a belt to tie them up… You know what I am talking about, accessories 

There are lots of different styles available to wear with your Peyton! Check out the images below for inspiration. Peyton is best paired with Macy, Cassie, & Valentina. Join my ladies HERE for more FREE styling tips!

Styling Tips

How to shop for the LuLaRoe Peyton Open Front Cardigan Sweater

LuLaRoe is sold by individual retailers like myself. Each one of us is happy to find you exactly what you are looking for. We don’t get to pick the prints we receive, only the styles, which means we all carry unique items.

If you’re looking to get some help with LuLaRoe Peyton Open Front Cardigan Sweater, I am more than happy to help! Email me at or feel free to join my VIP Facebook group of incredible women HERE! 

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