LuLaRoe Sophia Paper Bag Waist Skirt

LuLaRoe Sophia Paper Bag Waist Skirt

Paperbag pants like Dianne and Paper bag shorts like Ella are just a few of the styles you need to consider wearing.
Some may not be a fan of it but trust me, the paperbag style waist adds a dressy, frilly touch to your shorts, pants and even skirts!
We’re going to talk about all the things Sophia has to offer right here in this article: size chart/sizing & fit, fabric, price & styling tips!

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LuLaRoe Sophia Paper Bag Waist Skirt Details

LuLaRoe Sophia Paper Bag

Hood with functional drawcord you can adjust the hood for a more stylish and snugger look.

Sleeveless provides a carefree and comfortable feeling especially for summer!

Kangaroo pocket is my favorite detail! As you know I’m obsessed with pockets! I love to tuck my hands in, it’s just so comfy!

Fabric Rayon Slub Jersey 95/5 Rayon/Spandex & MVS 95/5 Poly/Span fabric 

Want to know how this fabric looks and feels? Join us in our boutique group! 

Why is it called a paper bag waist?

These shorts are typically cinched at the waist with some sort of fabric belt, whether punctuated with a chunky buckle or tied into a bow.

Ok so seriously… when I heard the name paper bag, I laughed a little. BUT… then I saw them and had 2 thoughts. 1, OMG how cute! 2, that looks exactly like a ruffled paper bag, LOL!!

So there you have it. The waistband literally looks like a crinkled paper bag as though someone had held a paper bag while headed off to lunch.

If you remember Dianne Pants, and the Ella paper bag is the skirt version of those!

LuLaRoe Sophia Paper Bag Skirt size chart, sizing & fit

Brittany Hoodie Junk Top

LuLaRoe Sophia Paper Bag Waist Skirt Size Chart

Large Size Brittany Top

As far as sizing goes, the size chart is accurate and fits just like our Amber hoodie. I feel it has even more flexibility, due to not having to worry about the length of the arms.

The Sophia can be worn perfectly true to size or 1 size up from the size chart for a more loose fit! The PRINTS of these are - a big yes!

Check out the LuLaRoe Sophia Paper Bag Waist Skirt size chart below! I am wearing one size up from my size here (wearing a S and my true size is XS) !

If you are ever afraid to try a new LuLaRoe style due to the fear of it not fitting, rest assured that I’ve totally got your back! My number one priority is that my customers are more than satisfied with their purchase. I make returns & exchanges simple!

If you’re looking to get some help with the LuLaRoe Sophia Paper Bag Waist Skirt, I am more than happy to help! 

Are paper bag waist skirts flattering?

Yes, they are! Not only that, the fabrics used here are lightweight and breathable- it is perfect for summer temperatures! Feeling comfortable during hot weather that summer may bring to us is the best feeling, right? 

Paper bag skirts make us feel cool and stylish at the same time. They are high-waisted and feature the stylish belt that both the pants and shorts have.

How to wear a paper bag skirt?

Considering the top is the most important thing in this kind of style. Because paper bag styles in general have a good volume around the middle, where as you should pair the style with a close fitted top or tuck in shirt. If you are fine with showing a bit of skin, sleeveless tops like Stasha and Rachael are  great with the paperbag waist style.

Lastly, Never underestimate the magic of hair, shoes, and accessories! Plan your hoodie outfit with styles that we have! There are lots of different styles available to wear with your Brittany! Check out the images below for inspiration. 

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Styling Tips

How to Shop for the LuLaRoe Sophia Paper Bag Waist Skirt

LuLaRoe is sold by individual retailers like myself. Each one of us is happy to find you exactly what you are looking for. We don’t get to pick the prints we receive, only the styles, which means we all carry unique items.

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