LuLaRoe Rachael Zipper Tank

LuLaRoe Rachael Zipper Tank

The new LuLaRoe Rachael Zipper Tank is PERFECT for the upcoming SUMMER! 

LuLaRoe Rachael offers a fashion-forward flair to your casual or formal style with the Zip Front Tank Top. If you are looking for a sign on what to wear next, girl, I’m telling you. This is it!!

Are you seeing this? 😍…
What I like about this tank is that you can pair it with different styles of small accessories, jackets, cardigans, high heels, sandals, sneakers, to create a variety of styles, and to adapt to different temperatures. Amazing, right? 😍

We’re going to talk about all the things in this article: size chart/sizing & fit, fabric, price & styling tips!

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LuLaRoe Rachael (not Rachel) Zipper Tank Details

LuLaRoe Rachael Zipper Tank

  • Sleeveless Wide Strap Tank 
  • V-Neck with Zipper At Center Front
  • Dolphin Hemline with Side Panel Inserts 
  • Hip Covering Length

Fabric NEW Servia 95/5 Poly/Span 180GSM lightweight textured knit fabric, as well as NEW Crinkled Jacquard Stripe 66/31/3 210GSM lightweight knit with a seersucker look.I know - sounds like a foreign language? Lol.

LuLaRoe Rachael Zipper Tank Size Chart, Sizing Tips,Fit & Price

As far as sizing goes, the charts are accurate as this has a relaxed fit and sizes.

LuLaRoe Rachael Zipper Tank SleevelessIf you’re on the hunt for the perfect tank and with a great fit, LuLaRoe has you covered and Rachael is an excellent tank for an awesome price point of only $32!😱

If you are ever afraid to try a new LuLaRoe style due to the fear of it not fitting, rest assured that I’ve totally got your back!

My number one priority is that my customers are more than satisfied with their purchase. I make returns & exchanges simple!

If you’re looking to get some help with the LuLaRoe Rachael Zipper Tank, I am more than happy to help!

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LuLaRoe Rachael Front Zipper Tank Top Styling Tips

The Rachael is not your average tank top as this can SLAY your casual and formal attire whether that’s on the beach or a date night!

If you recently went through your drawers, and can’t find a perfect tank to wear, this is your SIGN! 

Tank tops are a staple of every woman’s clothing. There’s no doubt about it. And in just a few moments, you’re going to see that there are more than just a few ways to wear them! 😂

Not to worry though… we’ve got you covered with plenty of LuLa pieces you’ll love with Rachael!

Some of the looks getting the most love are Rachael with denim, Cassie and Marsha skirts and leggings!

Check out the images below for styling inspiration & join my ladies HERE for  FREE live styling tips!  

Styling Tips for ladies

How to Shop for the LuLaRoe Rachael Zipper Tank

LuLaRoe is sold by individual retailers like myself. Each one of us is happy to find you exactly what you are looking for.

We don’t get to pick the prints we receive, only the styles, which means we all carry unique items.

If you’re looking to get some help with LuLaRoe Rachael, I am more than happy to help!

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You can also find out more about this incredible capsule collection at LuLaRoe Bless Dani Thomson!

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