Top 10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

Top 10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women


Gifting season is a mix of emotions. It’s exciting to give but coming up with ideas is sometimes daunting.

As a boutique owner, I love making gifting easier by sharing some of my own favorite things to receive in my stocking. I’ve put together a list of 10 small gift/stocking stuffer ideas for women as well as where you can grab them easily.

1. Leggings

Seriously, not many women don’t love a pair of buttery soft leggings. LuLaRoe makes insanely comfortable leggings with endless print & solid options. The 3 sizing options make it easy to shop for someone else. OS (one size) = size 2-10, TC (tall & curvy) = size 12-18, TC2 (tall & curvy 2) = size 18+.

LuLaRoe is sold through individual consultants like myself who make your shopping experience unlike any other. You can get 1:1 assistance so you can be sure you are purchasing the right size. Look how cute they look rolled up! Plus, it makes them super easy to wrap or stuff in a stocking!

2. Makeup

Some great makeup stocking stuffer ideas for women are eye shadows, lipstick & liners, blush, bronzers & mascara. One of my favorite places to shop for makeup is Sephora. There is also ULTA, MAC & Target that all have a great selection.

I like Sephora because it carries hundreds of brands in one location and if you’re shopping in person, there are even samples available for most items. If you are looking to shop online, you can shop any of the names I’ve mentioned on their website or there’s always Amazon!

3. Chapstick/Lip Butter

Chapstick & Lip Butter are awesome to receive in a stocking! Especially the unique ones with awesome scents like pumpkin spice & red velvet cupcake!

Bath & Body all around is an awesome stocking stuffer idea for women but if you’re looking for something tiny, chapstick or lip butter is a win! You can grab these items in a lot of places. Target, Walgreens or CVS has some cool scented ones or you can grab them online here in my boutique!

4. Jewelry

There are so many types of jewelry you could put in a stocking but some smaller items like fashion earrings, rings & necklaces are some awesome options and are sure to please most women!

Target is an awesome place to shop in person for a variety of jewelry for a reasonable price. Charming Charlie is a little pricier but carries a little higher quality items. Most of their brick & mortar locations have closed but you can visit their website!

I too, carry some really cool earrings & necklaces in my boutique!

5. Snacks/Candy

Snacks & candy can be found pretty much anywhere but if you’re looking for more unique items like Cotton Candy Dipped Lolipops, Chocolate Dipped Oreos & Fruity Pebble chocolate bars, I’ve totally got you covered in my boutique!

6. Headbands/Hair accessories

Hair Accessories

Headbands & hair accessories online are a super hot trend right now & they are totally small enough to stuff in a stocking! Satin & velvet headbands are really in at the moment as well as cute hair clips & barrettes.

Claire’s, H&M, Forever 21, Target, Walgreens & CVS all have cute options and can be shopped in person or online! I’ve just started stocking hair accessories in my boutique. You can check them out here.

7. Belts


Belts can be easily rolled up, making them an awesome stocking stuffer idea for women! My favorite place to shop for belts is Kohl’s, Target & TJ Maxx! And of course my own boutique ;)!

8. Socks

Ok so it might sound lame, but we’re not talking about regular socks here! We’re talking about cute, themed socks! Animal prints, tie dye & cozy slipper socks are just a few ideas!

My favorite place to get fun socks is hands down, Target! If you want to get extra creative, you can use sites like & to create a custom pair of socks!

9. Lotion

No woman can ever have too much good smelling lotion! Bath & Body works & Target are my favorite places to grab some awesome scented & unique lotions.

10. Perfume

Ok so perfume is an awesome option to stuff in a woman’s stocking but it’s one of those things you almost have to shop in person for (unless you already know their favorite scent).

My favorite place to grab perfume is Sephora because you can literally smell every single scent.

Sometimes I go to Sephora just to smell the scents & then I find the one I love on Amazon or Google for a better deal. During the Holidays, Sephora is pretty competitive with pricing though.

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